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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What is the future of personal transport in Urban-Suburban Africa?

In the US, the future of urban-suburban transport is electric vehicles (“EVs”).  This is leading to the construction of a whole new industry of fast-charging power stations, where EVs can recharge, much the way gasoline-fueled cars tank-up at mini-marts and other fueling stations.

Car manufacturers, “hearing the footsteps” of Tesla Motors, are designing today the new fleet of EVs that will take to the roads tomorrow, increasingly displacing carbon-emitting internal combustion engines.

It falls to energy entrepreneurs, however, to build out the fleet of fast-charging power stations that will replace gasoline pumps as EVs replace gasoline and diesel engines.

As African Nations continue to build up their own urban-suburban-rural land use patterns, creating the need and the opportunity for vehicular mobility, will they build with old school 20th Century gas-powered cars, or start out with brand new, 21st Century EVs, and fast-charging EV stations?

Perhaps more importantly, can distributed fast-charging stations become the central hubs in a new Internet of distributed power delivery solutions, moving beyond the central station power grid paradigm?

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